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Fun in the Sun: Exciting Things to Do with Kids in the Summer

83% of Americans think being active with their kids is enjoyable. Many prefer to play sports or get outdoors with their kids. Playing basketball, dancing, or swimming are some of the most favorite physical activities to do as a family.

With summer around the corner, planning summer activities with your kids that will promote a healthy lifestyle and overall happiness is essential. Some of the key benefits of summer outdoor play with your kids include:

  • Developing physical skills

  • Improving their mental health and creativity

  • Fostering social connections

  • Boosting your kids’ confidence and resilience

  • Encourages curiosity and exploration

  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle

To help you get outside with your kids this summer, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best summer activities to do as a family:

Beach Adventures

For 50% of Americans, going to the beach is the best way to boost mental health and de-stress. Going to the beach as a family is a fantastic way for physical activity and outdoor play. Plus, soaking in natural sunlight helps with Vitamin D production, promotes relaxation, and reduces stress.

The beach is a great place to foster social connections and strengthen family bonds through shared experiences and positive memories. Try these activities the next time you head to the beach:

  • Building sandcastles

  • Swimming in the ocean

  • Playing beach games

  • Exploring tide pools

Water Park Fun

Going to a water park as a family is an exhilarating way to do fun physical activity and outdoor play. Water parks can improve cardiovascular health, and also boosts endorphins to reduce stress. Water parks are a great place to bond and create fun memories that your kids will talk about for years. Your kids will love the following:

  • Sliding down water slides

  • Splashing in pools

  • Floating on lazy rivers

  • Trying out water park rides

Outdoor Sports and Games

Playing outdoor sports and games as a family promotes fun physical activity and improves coordination and motor skills. Outdoor sports also encourage teamwork, communication, and sportsmanship skills that can strengthen family bonds through healthy competition. We recommend:

  • Playing soccer, baseball, or basketball

  • Riding bikes or scooters

  • Flying kites

  • Fishing

  • Having a family picnic in the park

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Mom and kid playing in the mountains

Nature Exploration

Nature exploration is important for kids to expand their curiosity, creativity, and imagination while promoting a sense of wonder and awe. It also enhances their physical, cognitive, and emotional development by creating opportunities for sensory stimulation, problem-solving, and risk-taking in a safe and natural environment. The best ways to explore nature include:

  • Going on a nature hike

  • Camping in the wilderness

  • Birdwatching

  • Exploring local parks and trails

Creative Arts and Crafts

Creative arts and crafts for kids are fun summer activities that promote self-expression, creativity, and imagination while encouraging hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Kids also love the sense of accomplishment of creating something tangible and personal. Our favorite art and crafts for summer include:

  • Making sand art

  • Creating nature-inspired crafts

  • Painting rocks

  • Building sand sculptures

Farmer’s Market Adventures

Going to the farmer’s market is great for kids because it promotes healthy eating habits, connection to the community, and environmental stewardship by supporting local and sustainable agriculture. Things you can do while at the farmer’s market:

  • Picking fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Learning about local produce

  • Sampling fresh treats

  • Engaging in farm-to-table experiences

  • Cooking and preparing meals together

  • Teaching kids about nutrition and healthy eating

Amusement Park Thrills

Kids love amusement parks. Create a lasting memory with your family by going on thrilling rides, playing exciting games, and seeing various entertaining shows. We recommend:

  • Riding roller coasters

  • Trying out carnival games

  • Enjoying live shows and performances

  • Indulging in delicious park snacks

  • Attend a theme park to meet superheroes, princesses, and favorite characters

Outdoor Movie Nights

Outdoor movie nights are an inexpensive way to spend quality time together outside. You can set up an outdoor movie screen and watch a favorite movie under the stars. Get cozy with blankets and healthy snacks like popcorn or nuts. This will create a memorable movie night experience your kids will discuss all summer.

Summer Science Fun

Summer science activities are fun for the whole family as they offer opportunities to conduct simple science experiments, observe nature and wildlife, learn about stars and constellations, and explore hands-on science museums or centers. It sparks curiosity, fosters critical thinking skills, and promotes a love for learning while providing a fun and engaging summer experience.

Water Adventures and Outdoor Water Play

To beat the summer heat, you must take your family where the water is. This could be in your backyard or at the lake. There are loads of outdoor water play activities you can enjoy together:

  • Kayaking or canoeing in lakes or rivers

  • Tubing or rafting down waterways

  • Fishing or crabbing

  • Exploring waterfalls or natural springs

  • Playing in sprinklers

  • Running through water fountains

  • Jumping in puddles after the rain

  • Having water balloon fights

Camping Adventures

Camping as a family is a great way to get outdoors, appreciate nature, and bond over smores. It’s excellent for physical and mental health and for helping families learn to work together to get tasks done, such as:

  • Setting up tents and campfires

  • Roasting marshmallows for s’mores

  • Telling stories around the campfire

  • Stargazing and identifying constellations

Garden Fun

Gardening is an excellent summer activity for kids as it promotes responsibility, patience, and perseverance while providing a hands-on opportunity to learn about plant life cycles, healthy eating, and environmental stewardship. It also fosters a sense of accomplishment and appreciation for the natural world. Try these gardening activities:

  • Planting flowers or vegetables

  • Tending to a garden

  • Learning about plant life cycles

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Kids running in the park

Community Events and Festivals

Attending community events and festivals helps your kids learn to explore new cultures, traditions, and foods while promoting community engagement and social connections. It also offers entertainment, music, and art experiences, creating lasting memories and fun for the whole family. Check your local city page for the latest summer events and festivals.

Educational Outings

Don’t forget to include educational outings in your summer activities for kids. Visiting zoos, aquariums, or museums provides educational experiences that stimulate curiosity, imagination, and learning while fostering an appreciation for wildlife, history, and science. Educational outings are an interactive way to explore the world beyond the classroom.

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