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Unlock their potential for a healthy and holistic life.

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Facing These Challenges with Your Team?

At the start of the season, hopes and enthusiasm are at a high, but many competing factors and challenges can  leave coaches, kids and parents wishing they'd done more during the season to have a better outcome. 


Playing down, canceling or forfeiting games because you don't have your full roster.


Not enough time

Practices feel like they are never long enough to teach and get through your plans.

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Tired & unfocused

Kids showing up unfocused, tired or  improperly fueled for your practices or games.

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The Reality of Youth Sports


Sports injuries are preventable according to CDC.


All sports injuries in middle & high school students are from overuse.


Kids drop out of organized sports by age 13.

Together with SpringSpot,
we will help your team:

✓  Prevent Injuries
✓  Reduce Burnout
✓  Improve Flexibility

✓  Increase Stamina
✓  Increase Strength

Basketball Match
Swimming Race
Womens Softball
Sliding into Base

Custom Team Page

With a SpringSpot Team, Club or Enterprise Plan, in the SpringSpot app, you'll be able to have a customizable Team Page where your team can access drills, activities, and plans from anywhere. With customizable permissions, you can easily add and remove members from your account, and set your content to public or private.

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Train from Anywhere

With any premium membership, extend your training beyond the court or field. You can assign your team drills, activities, and plans to do through the SpringSpot app. Now your team can train from home, on vacation and with friends outside of practice. Each activity has step-by-step instructions, so they can follow along as if you were there.

Personalize Your Content

Publish your own content or choose from a wide variety of content to help teach and train your team. With different formats to choose from, SpringSpot gives you fun and fresh ways to keep your athletes engaged, so they'll never get bored. With various types of content, you can find ones that best suit your unique style of instruction as well as the learning style of your athletes.

✓  Videos
✓  Audio

✓  Images
✓  Quizzes

✓  Worksheets
✓  Guides

Expertise You Can Trust

SpringSpot is your support staff. We provide knowledge and expertise in personal training, sports nutrition, yoga, college athletics, child development, and more. You, your program, the athletes and their families can all benefit from the over 50 years of expertise in these fields.


Tools for coaches

Search & Filter

Find exactly what you’re looking for with search and filters, ie. age, duration, pillar.

Creation Tools

Bring your own ideas to life and share them with your team.

Private &Public

Set your content to be viewable to only your organization and its members.


Like your favorite activities and easily access them again.


Easily share an activity with your team with a tap of a button.

Bolts & Rewards

When you complete an activity, you earn Bolts. Bolts can be redeemed for Rewards.

Get in touch to learn how
SpringSpot can benefit your team

Basketball Match
Womens Softball
Sliding into Base

We are a coach’s best friend.  We are your virtual support staff and provide curated, holistically-designed training plans that supplement practice. 

Swimming Race
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