Kids Summer Camp

Unleash your child's creativity.

We look forward to empowering you and your kids on your family wellness journey.  Learn more about our Kids Ethos and how we approach our programming.  Our Kids videos are educational, enriching and fun! 

With SpringSpot, you no longer have to choose between taking care of your kids or taking care of yourself.  The whole family can be enriched!

Join our Live Online Classes, or try out our Videos on Demand for Adults and Kids Get a mental boost with our Guided Meditations.  We're here for you *and* your kids.      

Mother and daughter working out together

Need to workout on your own schedule?  Do one of our high quality On Demand Yoga or HIIT Workout videos regularly and get your mind and body stronger, leaner and more flexible. 


Need to entertain the kids without the guilt?  Try out our engaging kids yoga videos. Enrich them while enriching yourself.  It's a win-win!

Choose an On Demand Plan that's right for you. 

"SpringSpot Videos On Demand has been a dream resource for distance learning. We used the Adventure Treasure Hunt video for our wellness lesson in 1st grade and the students loved it. They even asked if I could post it so they could do it again!

I hope to use more videos in the near future for distance learning and beyond! Thanks SpringSpot!"

~ Nancy M., 1st Grade Teacher

16 years experience

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We offer adult and kids classes online.

Parents and kids can each have their own class at the same time!  Learn more about our kids philosophy.

Move, sweat and stretch together with our wonderful community.  Our teachers will guide and inspire you.

Ways to Book

1 Class

Applicable towards any adult or kid class.


Adult Class PLUS Kid Class

Applicable towards any adult and kid classes happening at the same.


5, 10, 20 Online Classes

Applicable towards any adult or kid online classes.


View and select classes coming up this month from our calendar.


Our guided meditations provide mental exercise that helps you relax a, focus, and be aware. We offer guided meditations for adults and kids.


Meditation is to the mind what physical exercise is to the body.  Get started and enrich your body and mind today.

"SpringSpot is the best parent & child exercise experience I've ever had. The class for parents is surprisingly challenging (meaning a great workout!) and my daughter loved her exercise class as well. She was able to get a workout in, socialize with friends, and capture her experience with some arts & crafts at the end. She was also very excited to be able to "go to yoga with mommy!". We will definitely be back for future classes!" 

- Jennifer R., mother

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 Our mission at SpringSpot is to empower parents to improve their health and wellbeing, while promoting physical literacy and health for their kids. With SpringSpot, you no longer have to choose between taking care of your kids or taking care of yourself. You can both be enriched at the same time.


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