Kids Wellness Camp Plans

We've designed a holistic and interactive Wellness Camp for your kids with social emotional learning at its heart.  Our camps include movement, arts and crafts, and social emotional learning in every class, so it's screen time you can feel good about.  

With a Kids Camp Membership and a Monthly Camp Material Box subscription, every month your camper will receive a new personalized camp box delivered to your house with all the materials needed to go with the live online instruction.  With a Family Bolt Membership, your child gets a Kids Camp Membership PLUS the whole family also benefits from online fitness classes and on demand content. Start your free trial today!  After becoming a Camp Member, remember to purchase your Camp Material Box.

Benefits of our Kids Wellness Camps:

  • Socialization - An inclusive place for your kids to make authentic connections

  • Spark curiosity - Let your kids to be curious and choose topics that interest them 

  • Build Independence - Build your kid(s) capacity as independent learners

  • Physical Wellbeing- Help your child build strength, stamina and get energy out!

  • Good Life Habits - Build habits and routines that help at home and in school

  • Delayed gratification - Kids can earn up to 20 Bolts per camp session to redeem for a prize in our SpringSpot Kids Zone.