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Why Kids Love SpringSpot

We believe that kids have endless potential and that with the right environment and tools, anything is possible.  Enrichment and fun go hand in hand at SpringSpot.  Read on to see why kids love us.

Kids Love Our Easy To Follow Activities

With kid-friendly step-by-step instructions provided and all the required and optional materials outlined


Kids Feel Empowered To Learn About Wellness

Kids love learning more about why healthy habits matter - we give explanations for why we're doing an activity and how it applies to their life

Kids love the variety

approach, kids can easily find a type and style of activity that suits them

with our


Kids Have Fun Doing SpringSpot Activities

Kids are often found laughing or smiling or being creative when they do our activities at home, at a camp or with a coach or educator.

Kids Learn Valuable Lessons And Feel Better

Our goal in every activity and program is that you are always better off after completing a SpringSpot activity than when you started.


Kids Like Being With Other Kids

We believe in the power of social connections, and many of our activities allow for multiple kids to participate.  This is why we also host live, in-person camps for kids to connect.

Kids Like Having Fun With Their Family

The family unit is the core, and we are committed to fostering that bond and connection.  When modern life pulls you apart, we help bring you back together.

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Health and wellness at your fingertips.

Select a plan and start building healthy habits with your family today, or take a quiz to get personalized activity recommendations.

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