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Want to ignite the fire of your team or students?

Empower them with holistic insights on wellness and bonding, delivered by SpringSpot's visionary founder, She-Rae.


Our Main Speaker


Founder and CEO


She-Rae is the Founder and CEO of SpringSpot. She was previously an NCAA Division I gymnast, but after she got married and had kids while working full time, her physical and mental wellbeing took a back seat. Between work, driving kids to school, their activities, running the household and sleeping, it was hard to find time for exercise! She knew there had to be a better way and SpringSpot was born. The mission became to empower families everywhere to take control of their health and wellbeing and not force parents to choose between their own wellbeing or their kids.

Prior to SpringSpot, She-Rae was a technology executive at Apple and Amazon leading teams to pioneer and launch new digital media, mobile and health products to consumers. She-Rae received her BS in Electrical Engineering at Stanford and her MBA at Harvard Business School. She's also a yoga teacher (RYT-200, trained at CorePower), certified personal trainer (ACSM-CPT), and nutrition coach (PN1). She lives in the Bay Area with her husband and three young kids, two boys and a baby girl. In her free time she enjoys playing tennis, swimming, practicing yoga and being active outdoors with her family and friends.

I love that SpringSpot has empowered me to get into the best shape of my adult life and role model a healthy lifestyle for my kids and husband. It's very fulfilling to see the positive impact we're making on the wellbeing of the kids and families we serve, and I'm thrilled that we're setting these kids up for a lifetime of healthy habits. Also, with great classes like Cardio+Core, being physically and mentally well has never been this fun as a family!

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Nutrition and Exercise for Kids

In today's rapidly changing world, the foundational health habits of our young ones often get sidelined. This talk sheds light on the significance of both nutrition and exercise tailored specifically for kids. We dive into why good nutrition matters in our every day lives while also recommending exercises that promote growth, improve cognition, and ensure overall physical well-being. Equip your young ones with the tools they need to lead a vibrant and active life.



Family Wellbeing for a Busy, Modern Life

As work commitments increase and screen time dominates, families often find themselves disconnected and health taking a back seat. This session tackles the challenges faced by modern families, offering actionable strategies to balance work, leisure, and health. We explore bonding activities, mindfulness practices, and wellness routines that can be seamlessly incorporated, ensuring that even the busiest families remain connected and thrive together.



The What, Why and How of Healthy Eating

Amidst a sea of diet trends and conflicting advice, understanding the fundamentals of healthy eating can be daunting. In this enlightening session, we demystify the concepts of nutrition, breaking down the 'what' (essential food groups), the 'why' (benefits and impacts on our bodies), and the 'how' (practical tips to make nutritious choices). Walk away with a clearer perspective on dietary needs, backed by science, and a roadmap to instilling long-lasting healthy eating habits.

Recent Talks


Nueva School

(K-5th graders)

"Nutrition and Exercise for Kids"


Harvard Business School

"Family Wellbeing for a Busy, Modern Life" (Adults)

Golf Course

Private Golf and Country Club

"Family Nutrition - The What, Why and How of Healthy Eating"



SpringSpot is awesome! It's awesome to have my daughter occupied now that school is shorter than it used to be. But more importantly, she LOVES the arts and crafts and she loves showing off her creations! It's truly been a blessing to have her do SpringSpot.




Can't say enough good things about my experience with the Total Body Strength class! As an avid group exercise girl, this online class was fun, easy to follow, and had great energy. The instructor provided an awesome combo of instructional and motivational feedback and ensured I left feeling muscles I haven't felt in a while. Highly recommend it!

Adult Fitness Student

Elizabeth, Adult Fitness Student



She-Rae led a talk for parents at Bing Nursery School as part of our parent education series. Her talk was entitled, “Raising Healthy Kids from the Inside Out,” where she highlighted the SpringSpot FRAMES, 6 Pillars of Holistic Health. She-Rae comes with a wealth of knowledge on each of the topics she outlined including nutrition, movement and exercise, social connections, and rest. She-Rae was knowledgeable, clear, and relatable. As a parent herself, she could relate to what the parents of young children in the room were experiencing. She also made sure to highlight relevant research that backed up her suggestions. Parents appreciated that they were included in thinking about wellness on a family level, not just on a child level. She-Rae fielded the many questions from the group with thoughtfulness and provided helpful guidance on the topics that were brought up. We thank She-Rae for the wonderful talk and resources she gave to our families, and we appreciate the time she took to share her knowledge. 

Emma McCarthy Vallarino, M.Ed. 

Manager, Kordestani Family Program for Parents and Educators / Bing Nursery School, Stanford University


As a teacher at the Nueva School, I was lucky enough to get connected to She-Rae Chen, CEO of SpringSpot. She came in during lunch time to lead a talk on the importance of nutrition and exercise for students in grades 1-4. Her talk was child-friendly, insightful, and spot on! Even the adults in the room learned some fun facts, like that exercise helps the nervous system. Students were engaged, inspired, and enlightened following the talk. One student remarked, “My mom always tells me to eat my vegetables, but now I REALLY understand why!” Another shared how much more fun soccer practice is now that she knows it helps her brain to learn better, too. She-Rae is a kind and compassionate listener who took on the students questions and comments with grace and depth. I was really blown away by how much she packed into a 15 minute session and am hoping she will come back soon to keep building on students’ excitement to lead healthy lives. Thank-you, She-Rae!

Kasey Wooten

Lower School Science Specialist & Garden Coordinator / The Nueva School

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Boost The Health & Wellness Of Your Students & Team

Elevate performance and well-being with SpringSpot's 6 Pillars of Holistic Health.

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