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Healthy Habits: 10 Fun Activities to Promote Wellness in Kids

Updated: Aug 29

Being healthy is important as it impacts almost every part of our lives. However, getting and staying healthy requires time and dedication. Fitting it into your and your children’s schedules can initially seem daunting.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be difficult. There are plenty of ways to promote wellness while also having fun. This list will be looking at ten ways to do exactly this.

1. Make Exercise a Game

For many people, including adults, exercise is a chore. It isn’t something they want to do, and because of this, they don’t do it. Turning exercise into a game can change a disinterest in it to a constant desire to participate.

For example, you can do Mirror Mirror, an activity that combines music and teamwork. On top of this, sports are games by default. You can play soccer, kickball, or any other sport your child finds interesting in an open yard.

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2. Try Yoga

Yoga is an amazing activity. It is easy for anyone to do and provides participants with many health benefits. These range from the traditional benefits of any physical activity to more uncommon ones, like improved posture and balance.

You can turn yoga into a game as well. Power Up is an interactive card game that takes the strategy and challenge of a card game and combines it with the physical activity of yoga.

3. Host a Competition

A little friendly competition is a great way to boost interest in an activity. So, turning exercise into a competition will get everyone really involved.

You can create a scavenger hunt where the participants must run from one point to another to win. You can also create an obstacle course where the participant with the fastest time is the winner.

4. Make Screen Time Active Time

Screen time is a tough topic to tackle. It has a wide range of negative impacts on children. However, it can be nearly impossible to tear your child away from a screen. Luckily, you can turn screen time into something positive.

There are a ton of ways you can make screen time active time. The internet is filled with fitness videos that will guide you through a full fitness class. Or, you can just play a popular music video and dance to it. Essentially, you can do anything as long as everyone is moving.

Making exercise fun helps instill a love of being active in children. Take a look at our Activities for Kids, Adults, and Family to find activities focused on movement and wellness!

A family cooking and eating together

5. Learn About Nutrition by Eating

Your diet has a massive influence on your overall health. When it comes to the importance of diet versus exercise, it isn’t clear which is more important. Taking strides for both is a good idea. The first step in maintaining a healthy diet is to learn about nutrition.

You can make this a fun activity. You can explain the difference between the food groups by taste-testing each of them. You can even pull up cool videos that show exactly what happens to food when the body absorbs it.

6. Cook With Your Kids

If you are dealing with picky eaters who don’t want to eat healthily, you may be able to fix the problem by cooking with them. By cooking together, you make them an active part of the process. This plays into their desire to have autonomy over their actions.

When they look at the dish they have created, they feel a deeper connection to what they are about to eat. Because of this, they enjoy it more.

7. Go On A Nature Walk

Nature walks are a healthy habit that can promote wellness in kids. Walking in nature allows kids to disconnect from technology and engage with their surroundings. This can help improve their mental health by reducing stress and anxiety.

Nature walks also promote physical health by providing exercise and fresh air. Additionally, being in nature has been shown to boost mood, creativity, and overall well-being. Incorporating regular nature walks into a child's routine can help foster a lifelong appreciation for the great outdoors and promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

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8. Take Time For Meditation

While physical health is essential, you shouldn’t forget about mental health. Mental health plays a big part in everyone’s individual wellness. Plus, starting a child with good mental health can create patterns that will echo throughout their lives.

One way to do this is through meditation. Meditation is an effective way to clear your mind and push out negative thoughts. It helps improve your mood and can even let you sleep better.

While meditation doesn’t seem like a super fun activity at first, the benefits provided can be almost addictive. You may find that your children enjoy their meditative moments to the point where they take time to meditate on their own.

Woman and boy painting

9. Encourage All Kinds of Expression

Another way to encourage good mental health is by encouraging positive forms of expression. These help your child deal with their thoughts in a constructive way.

The most basic form of expression is talking. Encourage your child to tell you about their day and their problems on the car ride to school. They’ll likely love that you are interested in them and may surprise you with what they share.

Journaling is another constructive and fun form of expression. You can start by writing imaginative stories together. Then, encourage your child to write on their own.

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10. Construct an Artistic Masterpiece

Creating art is a wonderful hobby that is great for mental health. By encouraging your child to take on an artistic pursuit, like freestyle painting, you give them an outlet for feelings and thoughts that they may be unable to express otherwise.

Plus, just seeing artwork is good for your mental health. If you create your artistic masterpieces as a family, you can spend time looking at them afterward. You can even hang them up around the house, which will provide your children with a confidence boost every time they see their art up.

Promoting Wellness Through Fun

Everyone wants to promote wellness for their children. You can do so easily with the activities and tactics listed above. Just pick something everyone will enjoy, and you’re all set!

Looking for ways to help both you and your children improve your well-being? Sign up for one of our Membership Plans and start building healthy habits today!


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