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About Us

In today's fast-paced world, maintaining a balance between family, health, and work often feels like an impossible juggle. SpringSpot was born out of this very challenge.  Founded by She-Rae Chen, a former NCAA Division I gymnast turned tech leader at Apple and Amazon, she intimately understands the demands of a bustling professional life coupled with personal commitments.

SpringSpot is not just another wellness platform; it's the embodiment of our dream to fuse family bonding with genuine health. Designed for parents and children alike, our offerings champion holistic wellbeing, ensuring that no family member is left behind on the journey to fitness and happiness.  SpringSpot extends an invitation to families everywhere: Embrace health, savor togetherness, and thrive.


Our mission at SpringSpot is to empower kids, families and adults to build healthy habits and strong family bonds for life.  


To be the global leader in family wellness, fostering a world where families prioritize health and bonding and achieve a harmonious balance in the modern age.

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Core Values

SpringSpot's core values serve as our compass, guiding our commitment to family wellness, genuine connections, and joyful experiences in everything we do.



We believe in the power of 

purposeful connection and creating moments that matter.



We want you to live life to the fullest so we do the heavy lifting so you can focus on the doing.



Building healthy habits is hard.  We think learning while having fun makes anything possible.

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What we've accomplished so far

Becoming a global leader in family wellness doesn't happen overnight, but we're committed to making a lasting impact.  Come join our movement and experience how good it feels to build healthy habits that last.


Over 1000+ Hours

Our SpringSpot Team has delivered more than 1000 student hours of high quality enrichment to kids, families and adults.

Customers love us

Our testimonials speak for themselves and our current NPS score is 100, which makes us proud.  When our customers are happy we're happy!

Holistic approach

We are the world's first place to provide a holistic offering of live classes, on demand programming and in-person camps for kids, families and adults.

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Meet The Team



Founder and CEO

She-Rae, CEO of SpringSpot, is a former NCAA Division I gymnast who later juggled marriage, kids, and a full-time job. Balancing work, parenting, and household duties left little room for exercise. This struggle led her to create SpringSpot, aiming to empower families to prioritize health without sacrificing their own wellbeing or their children's.

Before SpringSpot, she held tech leadership roles at Apple and Amazon, spearheading digital media, mobile, and health innovations. She holds degrees from Stanford University and Harvard Business School, and is a certified RYT-200 yoga instructor, ACSM-CPT certified personal trainer, and PN1 certified nutrition coach.  She and the entire SpringSpot team are excited to be part of your health and wellbeing journey.



Product and Design



Curriculum Development



Enrichment Creation, Art & Creation



Fitness Instructor, Movement & Exercise

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Health and wellness at your fingertips.

Select a plan and start building healthy habits with your family today, or take a quiz to get personalized activity recommendations.

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