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SpringSpot's fun way of rewarding kids for making positive choices for their health and wellbeing.


Positively Fun

We want to positively reinforce effort, progress and skill mastery among kids so we developed Bolt Rewards! Kids can earn Bolts simply by doing healthy activities, plus bonus Bolts for attending events. These Bolts can be traded in for exciting rewards. Bolt Rewards also help kids learn about delayed gratification. Working towards something they really want shows that all their effort pays off. To learn more, check out SpringSpot Rewards Rules.


Easy as 1-2-3 !

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1) Have Fun

At Kids Zone, every choice is a good one. With expertly curated activities, both kids and parents will feel good about doing them.


2) Earn Bolts

With every activity, kids get a chance to earn Bolts - and with every Bolt earned, kids get closer to redeeming a prize!

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3) Get Rewarded

When you're ready to use your Bolts, you can choose from many awesome rewards! We add new and exciting ones every month.

Get Started

Earn your first 500+ Bolts by completing these 6 activities!

Image_Description_Calming Kids Meditation_SpringSpot.jpeg
Image_Preview Video_Calming Kids Meditation_SpringSpot.jpeg

 60 Bolts 

Image_Description_Grow Your Own Bean_SpringSpot.jpeg
Image_Preview_Grow Your Own Bean Plant_SpringSpot.jpeg

 240 Bolts 

Image_Description_Family Flower Garden_SpringSpot.jpeg
Image_Preview Video_Family Flower Garden_SpringSpot.jpeg

 90 Bolts 

Image_Description_Mirror Mirror_SpringSpot.jpeg
Image_Preview Video_Mirror Mirror_SpringSpot.jpeg

 60 Bolts 

Image_Description_Freestyle Painting_SpringSpot.jpeg
Image_Preview Video_Freestyle Painting_SpringSpot.jpeg

 200 Bolts