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2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids: 10 Gift Ideas to make health and wellness fun

Buying gifts for kids can be hard. Buying gifts for kids that are meaningful and hold value is even harder. We want our gifts to be something that will help kids live happy and healthy lives. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 10 gift ideas with just that in mind. Plus, these gifts make health FUN so not only will you feel good about the gift you give this year, but they can enjoy it all year round.

1. Aroma Plush Pal

Essential oils aren’t just for adults. Kids can benefit, too! With these cute aroma plush pals, give the gift of calm to a kid (and their parent) in your life.

2. Mindful Games for Kids

Why not make mindfulness fun!? With this mindful game for kids, you can make practicing mindfulness something they enjoy. This gift is the perfect way to help kids be more present, improve concentration and understand their emotions.

3. SpringSpot Membership

A SpringSpot Membership is not just for adults. With a SpringSpot Bolt Membership, kids can have access to activities and programs that will help them build healthy habits. With movement games, hands-on art projects, healthy recipes and more, this is the gift that keeps on giving!

Looking for a gift for the whole family? The Mighty Membership is the perfect gift for any family looking to build healthy habits together! With activities and programs for kids and adults, memberships are great for all.

4. Colorful Portion Plate

The best way to get your kid to eat a well balanced meal? Visuals! Gift them this Healthy Beet Portion plate and help them visualize what it means to have a healthy plate!

Related Activity: Check out our Healthy Plate activity that will pair perfectly with the colorful portion plate. Kids can learn more about making healthy food choices.

5. Power Up! Kids Card Game

What is better than gifting a fun and rewarding game that kids will love to play? This award-winning Power Up! Kids Card Game by SpringSpot is an interactive card game that incorporates friendly competition and strategy to get your kids moving and having fun! In this Kids Yoga Edition, the movement cards have colorful animals with easy to read descriptions and surprise cards that will keep their minds and bodies engaged in a fun and creative way.

6. Chronicles of Narnia Box Set

Make bedtime fun with a Chronicles of Narnia Box Set! With books full of adventure and magical lands, you can give the gift of a bedtime routine that the whole family will enjoy. Give the gift of stories, wonder and imagination with this beautifully designed set of books.

7. Buzzy Kids Windowsill Grow Kit

Know a kid who loves to get dirty? Maybe they dream of having a garden but just don’t have the space. With this Buzzy Kids Windowsill Grow Kit, kids can grow their own tomato garden from the comfort of their windowsill.

Related Activity: Looking to add more to the garden? Check out our Grow your Own Bean Plant activity! Kids can learn how to bring a black bean to life.

8. Youth Sports Kit

For the sporty kid in your life, give them a sports kit that will help them level up their game! With an inspirational water bottle, cool hoodie, resistance bands and an agility ladder, help them take their fitness to the next level. Coupled with a SpringSpot Bolt Membership, your athlete can use the equipment in the sports kit in their workouts in the mobile app! Help your athlete feel like a pro walking into practice.

9. Personalized Kitchen Apron

It’s never too early to learn to cook! Gift the kid in your life a personalized kitchen apron with bold colors and a chic design. Kids will love having their very own apron to be a kitchen helper or become a little chef. Perhaps get yourself a matching set!

10. Book Making Kit

Give the gift of creation with the Lulu Jr. Illustory Book Making Kit. With step-by-step guides, kids can write and illustrate their own story. Help them make a book they're proud of and they can celebrate being a published author!



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