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8 Hidden Gems: Calisthenics Parks in the Bay Area

Updated: Jul 1

For all the sports enthusiasts, active people, trainers, nature lovers and those looking to stay fit or get in shape while spending time outdoors this article is for you! Summertime, with its nice weather, is not only a great time to get out and explore, but there are several outdoor gyms and outdoor exercise equipment popping up all around the country at public parks.

If you haven't heard of calisthenics before, it's a wonderful way to stay active while outdoors. Calisthenics is popular all over the world and has been around for a very long time, with roots going back to ancient Greece. It consists of a variety of exercises that use your own body weight to build muscle strength and endurance.  

The benefits of calisthenics workouts is that they are low resistance, burn calories, build core strength and are suitable for all levels; even if you never went to a gym before!

 Plus you get to workout outside in the fresh air for free!

We've searched and found several calisthenics parks around the Bay Area. The great news is that many of these parks also offer other amenities and facilities that the whole family can enjoy to make your day even more special.  It's providing people a chance to enjoy nature, socialize, and get exercise all at the same time. Why not get out there and check some of these local treasures out?

  1. Danville, South Park has a fully fenced exterior which can make it a great place for small children and toddlers.  Shady trees create a nice picnic spot.  Adults can still get a workout in, as the park features dip handles and gymnastics rings and could also be a perfect place to bring a yoga mat.  See website | View on map 

  2. Foster City, Shorebird Park has something for everyone, including an outdoor fitness court suitable for all ages and levels.  The bodyweight circuit training only takes 7 minutes a day! Even better, there is a free app where you can learn workout routines.  The park also features trails, a children’s playground, nature center and view of the bay! See website | View on map

  3. Mill Valley, Strawberry Manor Park offers several equipment options all in one place. If you're looking to do a variety of exercises this might be a good fit for you!  It includes pull-up bars, parallel bars, monkey bars, push-up bars, and pole bars.  View on map

  4. Redwood City, Trim Dich Pfad Oracle Fitness Trail. If you are a runner or love to take a morning or afternoon jog this trail may be just what you are looking for!  You can utilize the workout equipment that is placed along the running trail at different points and create a uniquely tailored workout all while enjoying the beautiful outdoors.  View on map

  5. San Francisco, China Town, Willie “Woo Woo” Outdoor Gym was recently renovated and not only includes adult exercise equipment but also a new children’s playground inspired by Chinese mythology. If you are into other sports this is a great place to workout first and then get social by playing a game of basketball, pickleball, volleyball, or badminton. See website | View on map

  6. San Francisco, Fitness Court Marina Green is a one of a kind 7-station bodyweight fitness circuit workout center made from green materials and designed for all ages and levels.  It includes training movements for core, squat, push, lunge, pull, agility, and bend.  If you have a group or are a coach it is possible to reserve the facility by contacting Permits and Reservations at (415) 831-5500.  View on map

  7. San Francisco, Progress Park in South Dogpatch offers the “New Street Workout Fitness Center” has become a popular local favorite. It features a variety of workout equipment plus a bocce court! Enjoy a nice walk or picnic while watching birds and butterflies. See website | View on map

  8. San Leandro, Marina Park is a wonderful spot if you are looking to get a workout in a waterfront location.  Not only can you enjoy the beautiful view of the bay but there are also several equipment options that include different kinds of bars, gymnastic rings, and abs benches.  The park also offers a child’s playground and picnic area. See website | View on map 

Have a great time exploring! Remember to use your best judgment about which equipment is appropriate for you to use based on your skill sets and your children’s developmental stage.

In the Bay Area? Check out our Bay Area Calisthenics Park Challenge!



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