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With SpringSpot, you no longer have to choose between taking care of your kids or taking care of yourself.  Parents enjoy an uninterrupted, guilt-free workout, while their kids enjoy an engaging and enriching class with a qualified teacher.  Being active becomes a family activity. 


We're different.

We're different.

SpringSpot is a family wellbeing company who cares about the whole child.  We develop thoughtfully put together and learning-based curriculum.  Much more than a "gym with childcare”, we interact with and engage your kids to help them learn, grow and be healthy. We provide a safe and ad-free space for your kids to be enriched.  Kids enrichment is core to who we are and what we do, not an after thought.  We don't just watch your kids, we enrich them.


How it works:

After you sign up for a SpringSpot Kids Class, you’ll get an email with all the details you’ll need for class.  Parents can also sign up for a fitness class at the same time in a separate room.  Most classes require kids to have their own yoga mat.  During class, kids will be enriched, while you're hopefully getting a great workout.  Kids earn Bolts as part of our SpringSpot Rewards Program by attending class, demonstrating above and beyond effort, progress, and skill mastery.  Kids can redeem their Bolts for thoughtfully chosen prizes in the Kids Zone


The best teachers.

SpringSpot teachers are dynamic, knowledgeable, thoughtful and make a difference in their students’ wellbeing.  They have atleast a college degree and have years of experience working with or educating kids and have the necessary qualifications to teach their area of expertise.  Teachers are background checked and fully vetted.  Rest assured that your kids are in very good hands.


Caring &


We believe kids should engage with each other and enjoy all the benefits of human connection, so all teachers give personalized attention to each child. 


All our classes either promote physical movement or mental wellbeing so kids exercise their bodies and minds in every single SpringSpot class.  Rest assured your kids will leave more enriched than when they arrived.  


Trusted and loved by parents.

"SpringSpot is the best parent & child exercise experience I've ever had. The class for parents is surprisingly challenging (meaning a great workout!) and my daughter loved her exercise class as well. She was able to get a workout in, socialize with friends, and capture her experience with some arts & crafts at the end. She was also very excited to be able to "go to yoga with mommy!". We will definitely be back for future classes!" 

- Jennifer R., mother

Live Classes - Kids

Videos on Demand - Kids

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