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Bolts Rewards- Official Rules


Activity - any structured digital material with attributes (e.g. Pillar, Age, Skill level, etc) made available through the SpringSpot platform.

Bolt Value - the number of Bolts assigned for a particular Activity, Class or Event. ​

Class - any specific type of enrichment Class taught by a SpringSpot instructor (including).

Content - any digital or non-digital material made available through the SpringSpot website. ​

Enrollment Date - the date a Learner commences their first SpringSpot Class or Activity.


Learner – any user that participates in an activity, class or utilizes any Content on the SpringSpot website.

Membership - A monthly or annually paid plan offered through the SpringSpot website.


Reward - any item that a Learner redeems Bolts for.​​



Learners will be rewarded with Bolts for completing an Activity, Class or Event in the United States with an Enrollment Date on or after August 1, 2023. ​


Activities have various Bolt Values associated with them based on various factors. Learners can earn up to twenty (20) Bolts per completed Class or Event.


Learners can earn bonus Bolts by completing Bolt Challenges given by instructors during a Class or on the SpringSpot platform.  ​​

Learners or their parents or caregivers must have an active Membership in order to earn Bolts and redeem them for Rewards.

A Learner must show proof of completion to earn Bolts by either attending the Class or submitting the following information on the Earn Bolts (Redeem) website : 1) Learner’s name 2) Email address 3) Name of completed Activity 4) Photo of completed Activity.  If this proof is not provided, the Bolts will not be awarded. ​​



Learners may redeem earned Bolts for Rewards featured on the SpringSpot Rewards website. Bolts are not redeemable for monetary value. Once earned, Learners may redeem their Bolts through the SpringSpot website by selecting the desired Reward and providing 1) Email address and 2) Mailing address.  Once Reward selection is received, Learners should receive their Reward within 7-10 business days.  Instructors may not order Rewards for Learners.

Bolts must be redeemed by Dec 31st at the end of each year. 




SpringSpot reserves the right to determine Rewards and Bolt redemption amounts of a particular Reward without advance notice. SpringSpot reserves the right to determine Rewards suppliers and does not guarantee any specific brand or model of prizes. Prizes are provided based on availability at the time of Bolt redemption. Prizes may not be exchanged or returned after ordering. Requests to return any damaged prize(s) must occur within thirty (30) days of receipt of the Reward.


SpringSpot will verify a Learner’s Bolt achievement before providing a Reward. SpringSpot retains the exclusive right to disqualify Learners who have violated any SpringSpot Rewards Rules and to make a final determination in the event of any dispute. ​


SpringSpot retains the exclusive right to suspend, modify, or cancel the SpringSpot Rewards program or any related prizes without prior notice. In case of cancellation or suspension of the SpringSpot Rewards program or any prize awards, SpringSpot will have no obligation to honor unredeemed Bolts.

By participating in Bolts Rewards you're also agreeing to abide by the SpringSpot Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Last Updated: September 29, 2023

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