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Our Story

SpringSpot was started by a working mother of two young boys who tried for years to find a desirable solution for her and her husband to regularly exercise. 

Having previously been very physically active before having children, she found that after having children, her work, sleep,

spending time with kids, being a good wife and running a household just pushed self care to the bottom of the list.


She realized that she wasn't alone and became a voracious

student in health and nutrition and received her 

ACSM CPT and Precision Nutrition P1 Certifications.  

Although she was previously an NCAA Division I athlete,

she learned so much more about the importance of exercise,

and how it's vital to our longevity.

After learning about its wide reaching benefits,

she started making exercising a priority.   She is now doing yoga and interval training more regularly, and has started to see noticeable changes. 

She's  stronger, more flexible, has more energy with her kids and

her mind is sharper. 

She wanted to make this possible for more moms and dads,

which is how SpringSpot was born. 

She's been fortunate to find some wonderful teachers

that share her passion for a better, healthier future 

for parents and their families. 


To make it possible for parents with young children

to exercise and improve their fitness and wellbeing

while their children are enriched.

We promote healthy mind body connections for

both parents and their children.    

With SpringSpot you will exercise your body and mind, 

while your children are enriched. 

Together with you, we hope to foster a thriving community

of active, healthy and happy families.

Preview a SpringSpot Family Session here: 

Join us for an upcoming session.


Be Well!