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Our 6 Pillars for Holistic Health

Our mission at SpringSpot is to provide kids and their families with a healthy foundation to build sustainable mindsets, skills and habits for life. We've created Six Pillars for Holistic Health.  We call it FRAMES.

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Food & Earth

You are what you eat. Learn more about the functional benefits of food, nutrition, and cooking.  Plus how to enjoy and take care of the Earth we live on.


Rest & Recovery

Learning how to rest your body and mind is essential to overall health.  Learn about healthy sleep habits, ways to calm your mind and recover from stressors.  

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Art & Creation

Creating and experiencing art nurtures your creativity *and* is good for your soul. Painting, dancing, and making music give you new ways to express yourself and create.

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Movement & Exercise

Exercise is medicine.  Develop strength, coordination, flexibility, overall fitness, and a healthy mind-body connection.  Have fun while moving!



Managing your emotions and stress are key to your health. Learn about self-awareness, self-management, and how to bring more calm and energy to your mental health.


Social Connections

Relationships are key to your wellbeing. Develop new ways to connect with your kids and family, nurture relationships and build lasting connections.

Kids Activities

Kids will learn, build healthy habits and have fun with our collection of curated activities, based on our Six Pillars of Holistic Health.  We'll provide everything you need to get started.  Feel good that your kids are doing something good for you and for them.

Popular Topics for Kids

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