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Our mission at SpringSpot is to empower kids, families and adults to build healthy habits and strong family bonds for life.  We're good at what we do, but we'll let our customers and partners do the talking for us!

Happy Little Girl

SpringSpot is awesome!  It's awesome to have my daughter occupied now that school is shorter than it used to be.  But more importantly, she LOVES the arts and crafts and she loves showing off her creations!  It's truly been a blessing to have her do SpringSpot.

Aya, Parent

Can't say enough good things about my experience with the Total Body Strength class! As an avid group exercise girl, this online class was fun, easy to follow, and had great energy. The instructor provided an awesome combo of instructional and motivational feedback and ensured I left feeling muscles I haven't felt in a while. Highly recommend it!

Elizabeth, Adult Fitness Student

Fitness Training

As a teacher at the Nueva School, I was lucky enough to get connected to She-Rae Chen, CEO of SpringSpot. She came in during lunch time to lead a talk on the importance of nutrition and exercise for students in grades 1-4. Her talk was child-friendly, insightful, and spot on! Even the adults in the room learned some fun facts, like that exercise helps the nervous system. Students were engaged, inspired, and enlightened following the talk. One student remarked, “My mom always tells me to eat my vegetables, but now I REALLY understand why!” Another shared how much more fun soccer practice is now that she knows it helps her brain to learn better, too. She-Rae is a kind and compassionate listener who took on the students questions and comments with grace and depth. I was really blown away by how much she packed into a 15 minute session and am hoping she will come back soon to keep building on students’ excitement to lead healthy lives. Thank-you, She-Rae! 

-Kasey Wooten,
Lower School Science Specialist & Garden Coordinator

The Nueva School 

I liked the class (Cardio and Core) itself a lot.  I think the live nature of the class together with the social aspect (friend invited me) and the convenience of being at home made it easy for me to join.

Jessica, Adult Fitness Student

A woman exercising
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