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Founder, CEO

She-Rae is the Founder and CEO of SpringSpot.  She was previously an NCAA Division I gymnast, but after she got married and had kids while working full time, her physical and mental wellbeing took a back seat.  Between work, driving kids to school, their activities, running the household and sleeping, it was hard to find time for exercise!  She knew there had to be a better way and SpringSpot was born.  The mission became to empower families everywhere to take control of their health and wellbeing and not force parents to choose between their own wellbeing or their kids.


Prior to SpringSpot, She-Rae was a technology executive at Apple and Amazon leading teams to pioneer and launch new digital media, mobile and health products to consumers.  She-Rae received her BS in Electrical Engineering at Stanford and her MBA at Harvard Business School.  She's also a yoga teacher (RYT-200, trained at CorePower), certified personal trainer (ACSM-CPT), and nutrition coach (PN1).  She lives in the Bay Area with her husband and two vivacious young boys, who are 4 and 7.  In her free time she enjoys yoga and being active outdoors with her family and friends.   

What do you love about SpringSpot?  I love that SpringSpot has empowered me to get into the best shape of my adult life and role model a healthy lifestyle for my kids and husband.  I feel good that I'm setting up my kids for a lifetime of healthy habits. Also, with great classes like  HIIT Body, Family Yoga and our Kids Wellness Camps, being physically and mentally well has never been this fun as a family!  

What is your favorite physical activity?  I love yoga, running and dancing.  If I hear a great rhythm or beat, my hips and feet just start moving!    


Director, Wellbeing Development

Katie joined SpringSpot because she feels like we all need to be encouraged and supported in our journey toward wellness, and loves SpringSpot's mission to do this.  In her role as the Director of Wellbeing Development, she seeks to create a meaningful infrastructure for wellbeing at SpringSpot in order to help our families practice wellbeing in ways that work for them.  


Katie's primary professional background is in education - she has taught high school history and designed curriculum around student wellbeing, and currently teaches at the graduate level.  Katie received her Master of Education from Stanford and Bachelors in Education Studies from Brown University.  She also brings experience as a yoga teacher, life coach, cooking enthusiast, K12 teacher, and graduate level professor to her work. 

What do you love about SpringSpot? I love SpringSpot’s mission and deeply believe that wellness should be accessible, achievable, and be authentic for all families, but know that this does not just magically happen.

What is your favorite physical activity? My favorite activities are yoga and hiking. 




Lead, Design and Production

Berney is a multidisciplinary creative and a long-time athlete, lacrosse coach, yogi and vegan. Over the years, she's gained a wide range of experience and knowledge working in different fields including: design, sports and education, music, tv/film, tech, community outreach, nonprofits and financial services.  

Berney finds her greatest joy and motivation by creating a positive impact in the lives of others and the planet we live on. She continuously looks for ways to use her experience, her platform and creativity to help serve others on a local and global level.  Together with the SpringSpot team, she is excited to find creative ways to meet families where they are and to help empower them on their health and wellbeing journey!  


What do you love about SpringSpot? What I love about SpringSpot is experiencing, first-hand, behind-the-scenes how much this team cares for the families, adults and kids we serve. Every detail from concept, production to reality, is carefully and thoughtfully designed with the question, “how can we make this even better for families?”

What is your favorite physical activity? My favorite physical activity has to either be playing sports with friends, exploring the great outdoors, or community service, like building a home from scratch.


Teacher, Kids Enrichment

Diane has practiced yoga since college and got her 200 hr Teacher Training Certificate in 2019 at Nandi Yoga in San Mateo. Prior to teaching full time, Diane worked seven years with at-risk youth in the field of Mental Health. Her last five years were in Public Education supporting children with behavior and mental health needs. She supported teachers district-wide implementing and learning the Social Emotional Learning curriculum. Through her professional background she's found ways to support adults and kids with yoga, emphasizing meditation and breathing techniques that can be used off the mat throughout the day.


At SpringSpot, Diane develops the story and curriculum for the On Demand Kids videos, emphasizing learning objectives that focus on Emotional Regulation, Handling Frustration and Positive Social Interactions through movement and storytelling.

What do you love about SpringSpot? I love that SpringSpot has created a community where families come to not only work on overall wellness but also connect with each other. I love seeing kids and adults take what they learn in classes and apply it in their everyday lives.

What is your favorite physical activity? My favorite physical activity has to be rock climbing! I love climbing in a gym or outdoors with my husband and friends.


Teacher, Kids Enrichment

Hello! I’m Sarah and I have over ten years of experience working with kids both in and out of the classroom. I was the Activities Director for Summer at Santa Catalina, a camp in beautiful Monterey, CA and spent the last five years as the Jr. Kindergarten teacher at Carden Cascade Academy in Portland, OR. I am excited to join the SpringSpot team and teach the Kids Fall camp!

What do you love about SpringSpot? I love that SpringSpot’s mission is to support family wellness and to make it accessible and FUN! Especially during our current circumstances, I am proud to be a part of a company that has parents and children's wellbeing at heart.

What is your favorite physical activity? I love to go on long walks with my dog, Emma. I also love to dance. I grew up dancing all throughout childhood and still consider it to be one my favorite way of moving and finding happiness. You can’t help but smile when you’re dancing!

Katie B.

Teacher, Kids Enrichment

Katie B lives in the Dallas, Texas area. She has six years of experience as a P.E. teacher and ten years of experience as a personal trainer. She has taught in Texas and internationally in South Korea at the elementary level. She studied at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas, and was a collegiate cheerleader.


She believes that the essential quality of an educator is passion. Katie B says, “Passion is necessary for teaching; my love for teaching shows through my students. When my students are learning, engaged, taking charge, and having fun, I know learning is happening.” My goal as your child’s Enrichment Teacher at SpringSpot is to not only inspire them to be physically active but to be physically literate and a lifelong learner of health and fitness. A student who encompasses physical literacy will have the ability to move with competence and confidence in a wide variety of physical activities in multiple environments that benefit a child’s healthy development.

What do you love about SpringSpot? I love that SpringSpot is helping families get fit together. Not only is this a place where families can grow to become healthier but a place to learn together. SpringSpot is doing something truly unique and providing health and wellness opportunities to be part of a family’s life, and every family deserves that!

What is your favorite physical activity? I LOVE all kinds of physical activity, from snowboarding to lifting weights! I am happiest when I am moving. If I have to name a favorite, it would have to be weight lifting and spin classes!


Curriculum Coordinator

Hello! My name is Jenna. I am from the UK and have been teaching now for 12 years. Most recently I taught grade one and was the English coordinator for Nursery through Grade 2 at ISTP in Palo Alto. My passion is in teaching early reading skills, specifically phonics. I believe that it is fundamental that children are introduced to these areas in a fun and interactive way in order to build a life-long love of reading. Outside of teaching, I love outdoor activities such as hiking, biking or swimming at the beach.

What do you love about SpringSpot?  My favorite thing about SpringSpot is how family orientated it is. I love how the activities we provide aim to support families in a range of ways to give them quality time together.

What is your favorite physical activity? My favorite physical activity is anything outdoors!! I love to hike, bike ride, surf and swim!


Instructor, Fitness

Nea is a multidisciplinary fitness trainer, nutrition coach and power yoga teacher that loves living a healthy active lifestyle. A mother of three kids ages 5, 7 & 9, in her free time she enjoys spending time outdoors: climbing, skiing, hiking, paddling... anything and everything!  Her education background is in physics engineering and business administration, but sports & yoga have always been her passion.  She continues to educate herself in those fields #alwaysastudent :) 

What do you love about SpringSpot?  I love that it allows parents to workout while their kids are doing something fun and meaningful at the same time. It’s not like just leaving the kids at another childcare which I know parents don’t always feel comfortable with.

What is your favorite physical activity? I love trying new things and exploring new sports, activities and workouts. I don’t have one favorite activity, I love variety!


Instructor, Adult Enrichment

Kristen is a certified yoga instructor and has completed 425 hours of Teacher Training. In addition, she brings twenty-one years of coaching experience at the college level including sixteen years as the Head Gymnastics Coach at Stanford University.  As a yoga instructor, she teaches Vinyasa and Gentle mindful classes as well as offers personalized or small group yoga classes. In addition, she also offers mindfulness training, visualizations and meditation to help individuals slow down and find their breath.

What do you love about SpringSpot?  I love the SpringSpot philosophy of supporting family wellness. As a working mom with three children I know how difficult it is to find balance and time for self-care. The idea of taking care of yourself and knowing that your children are also moving and having fun is a win/win.

What is your favorite physical activity? My favorite activities are yoga and hiking.


Assistant, Student

Nikeilie is currently a 3rd-year student at the University of California, Irvine studying Business Administration and Global Sustainability. She has always liked staying active growing up through competitive gymnastics, club/varsity volleyball, and now boxing as a member of UCI’s club boxing. She has continued to spread her love of sports through over 5 years of experience coaching middle school volleyball and youth gymnastics. With SpringSpot, Nikeilie hopes to help foster a positive and enriching learning environment.

What do you love about SpringSpot?  What I love about SpringSpot is that it’s a fun space that encourages fitness and wellbeing as a point of empowerment for the whole family. SpringSpot has so many thoughtful and meaningful touches that will have a lasting impact on the community.

What is your favorite physical activity? One of my recent favorite physical activities is hiking, especially along the coast. There is something so rewarding about reaching the summit and taking time to connect with the outdoors.


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