SpringSpot Rewards- Official Rules


Class - any time a SpringSpot instructor teaches an enrichment curriculum for a set period of time to more than one student. 

Content - any digital or non-digital material made available through the SpringSpot website.

Course - any specific type of enrichment Class taught by a SpringSpot instructor (including Yoga Play, Yoga Dance, Creating Calm). 


Enrollment Date - the date a Student commences their first SpringSpot Class.


Students – each Student enrolled in a SpringSpot Class.



Students will be rewarded with Bolts for each Class or Course in which they are enrolled in the United States with an Enrollment Date on or after January 25, 2020. 


Students will receive five (5) Bolts per completed Class. While enrolled in a Class or Course, Students can also receive bonus Bolts as follows:


6 months of SpringSpot Rewards participation: 5 points

12 months of SpringSpot Rewards participation: 10 points

18 months of SpringSpot Rewards participation: 15 points

Demonstrating above and beyond effort in a Class: 5 points

Demonstrating strong listening skills in a Class: 5 points

Demonstrating skill mastery in a particular Course: 5 points

A Student who, for any reason, does not attend a SpringSpot Class, Course, or use any SpringSpot enrichment Content in a given month will be considered absent for that month. Students are permitted one (1) month’s absence per calendar year in order to retain their SpringSpot Rewards Bolts (however, Bolts will not be rewarded for the absent month).  Students reported as absent from a Course for more than one (1) month in a given calendar year will be considered unenrolled in Bolts Rewards for that Course. A multi-Course Student who un-enrolls in one Course, but remains current in another Course, will only earn Bolts for the Course in which s/he remains enrolled. 



Students may redeem earned Bolts for Rewards featured at the SpringSpot Rewards website. Bolts are not redeemable for monetary value. Once earned, Students may redeem their Bolts by having their parent or guardian send an email to contact@springspot.com at least three (3) business days prior to their next Class or Course; please include the following information in your email: 1) Student’s name, 2) selected reward and amount of Bolts, and 3) next Class or Course the Student plans to attend. Rewards will be provided in exchange for the redeemed Bolts at the Student’s next Class or Course. Instructors may not order Rewards for Students. 




SpringSpot reserves the right to determine Rewards and Bolt redemption amounts of a particular Rewards without advance notice. SpringSpot reserves the right to determine Rewards suppliers and does not guarantee any specific brand or model of prizes. Prizes are provided based on availability at the time of Bolt redemption. Prizes may not be exchanged or returned after ordering. Requests to return any damaged prize(s) must occur within thirty (30) days of receipt of the prize. 


SpringSpot will verify a Student’s Bolt achievement before providing a Reward. SpringSpot retains the exclusive right to disqualify Students who have violated any SpringSpot Rewards Rules and to make a final determination in the event of any dispute. 

SpringSpot retains the exclusive right to suspend, modify, or cancel the SpringSpot Rewards program or any related prizes without prior notice. In case of cancellation or suspension of the SpringSpot Rewards program or any prize awards, SpringSpot will have no obligation to honor unredeemed Bolts.  

SpringSpot makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties for a particular purpose. SpringSpot shall not be liable for any damages arising out of or in connection with any use, or inability to use, any Bolt(s) or prize.

Last Updated: February 5, 2020


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