In this 20 minute kids yoga adventure by SpringSpot, kids travel the world in search of treasure, while seeing Egyptian pyramids, sunken ships, the Aztec jungle, and the Terra Cotta warriors!  Kids will move, breathe, read and have fun, as well as flex their growth mindset muscles.


Teacher Testimonial: 

"SpringSpot On Demand has been a dream resource for distance learning. We used the Adventure Treasure Hunt video for our wellness lesson in 1st grade and the students loved it. They even asked if I could post it so they could do it again!  I particularly liked the pace, guidance, vocabulary, and concepts the video provided. It brought in elements of authentic yoga in a kid-friendly way along with learning about gratitude and resilience through a fun and engaging treasure hunt. Traveling to the different parts of the world through the video sparked conversation and connection to social studies and science content we have learned this year. I hope to use more videos in the near future for distance learning and beyond! Thanks SpringSpot!"

~ Nancy M., 1st Grade Teacher, Private International School in Bay Area, 16 years experience


Just need a kids yoga mat or towel.


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Treasure Hunt - On Demand (20 min)

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