Classes are Online via Zoom.  Upon signing up, you will receive the Zoom link.


Could your kids use a different, fun activity, especially now that you’re confined at home more?  What if kids of all ages could have fun, while also learning critical life skills, some science, math, and produce yummy results?  


"Grandma Pam” will be teaching kids how to cook and bake delicious treats via Zoom, helping them learn how to prepare tools and ingredients (alternatives provided for allergies and other diet constraints), how to read a recipe and follow instructions.  Atleast one adult must be present throughout the entire class.  For each class you’ll receive a list of equipment needed, ingredients, and the full recipe.  Help your kids develop a love of food through cooking and baking themselves!  Class will be approximately 90 minutes, +/- 15 min.   



* Zoom-compatible device - iPad, laptop or mobile phone to watch live stream and camera if want to engage with instructor

* Zoom app on device - iPhone , Android, or Computer.


Equipment Needed

Electric Stand mixer (e.g. Kitchen Aid)

Or Hand mixer (“beaters”)


Measuring cup

Measuring spoons

Cookie sheet (2 is preferable)

Rolling pin (a wine bottle or similar shaped bottle will work)

Parchment paper (optional)

Flour sifter or hand screen/strainer


Cooling rack (optional)

2 large bowls

Large spoon, butter knife

Cookie cutters (stars, round, or any shape – if you don’t have any I will show the kids how to use glasses or make cutout templates)



Flour - All Purpose White Flour (OR Wheat Flour, Gluten-free, or Almond Flour) (2 3/4 cups)

Baking Soda

Cream Cheese (8 oz)

Cream of Tartar

2 Large Eggs

Powdered Sugar (2 cups)

Salted Butter (1 cup)

Vanilla Extract

Almond Extract (optional)






Choose Your Favorite Fruits as Toppings:

  • Fresh Blueberries
  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Fresh Raspberries
  • 2 Kiwis, Nectarines, Bananas, Apple


Recipe sent upon sign up. 


When signing up, remember to include your kid(s) names and ages in the note at checkout. 


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