During this week of camp, kids will look at space stations, being an astronaut, and learn more about our fascinating planets, stars, moon, sun and more!  They will have a week-long project that will let them be creative, focused and have fun!  Every week of SpringSpot Camp incorporates fitness, art, reading, and social emotional learning throughout.


Schedule: Monday - Friday, 9am - 12noon via Zoom.  Afternoon offline activities will also be available.


Students: Classes will be real time and interactive online experiences designed for students entering K - 3rd grade working independently or with parent participation for kids entering PreK to grade 1. 


Teachers: Teachers are experienced educators and some have backgrounds in mental health as well. Curriculum is developed by a professional educator with a background in designing curriculum for student wellbeing and has expertise in distance learning.  Kids will love learning and have fun!


Materials: Online materials will be hosted and available at http://www.springspot.co.  Kids will receive a personalized Camp Kit with all the materials they'll need for camp, inlcuding printouts they need for the upcoming week. 


Bonus: While your child is enrolled in the SpringSpot Summer Camp, parents will also have unlimited access to all the SpringSpot Fitness and Mindfulness On Demand Content for Adults and Kids.


Sign Up atleast 48 hours before the start of camp. 


Some materials kids will need: 

  • Writing and Drawing tools - e.g. crayons, markers, pencils 
  • Printer and Plain Paper - ability to print printouts for camp each week 
  • Yoga mat - each child should have their own yoga mat, or a towel on a soft surface
  • Water bottle - have one close by that they can drink from
  • Zoom-compatible device - iPad, laptop or mobile phone to watch live stream and camera if want to engage with instructor
  • Zoom app on device - iPhone , Android, or Computer.


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Camp - Week 5: Space Explorers (Jul 20 - Jul 24)

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  • Camp reservations may be cancelled or changed no later than two weeks prior to camp start date. A $35 per session processing fee will be deducted from all refunds.  No refunds will be made fewer than two weeks prior to the camp start date.

  • Within 24 hours of signing up for camp, parents must submit a completed camp registration for each family here: https://www.springspot.co/camp-registration.


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