For this camp, please also purchase a Spring Break Camp Box.  Can order by Saturday, 4/10 12noon PDT and receive before 4/12. 


Camp Details


Camp Theme: Swinging in the Rainforest (April 12- April 16)

Schedule: Monday - Friday, 9am-11am PST


April is the month we honor the Earth and kids will discover more about one unique habitat on earth which is the Rainforest!  Your kids will learn more about the animals that live there, make art and even design and make their own Rainforest!  They'll do hands-on activities that will not only develop their fine motor skills, but also their curiosity!


If your child is curious, hands-on and likes to have fun, you won't want to miss this camp! 

Both shy and outgoing kids thrive in our inclusive camps.  With social emotional learning at the heart of what we do, we help nurture your whole child and let them shine.  During our popular school break camp for kids 6 years and older, your child will enjoy movement games every day, do age-appropriate arts and crafts, and socialize with other kids their age.


With this Spring Break Camp and the Spring Break Camp box, your camper will receive a personalized camp box delivered to your house with all the materials needed to go with the live online instruction.  


*NEW* Kids Happy Hour - Immediately after camp, if your child wants to stay on an extra 30 minutes to chat, play a game or just have some unstructured play with their camp mates with our camp teacher staying on to supervise.  It can also give parents an additional 30 minutes to have to themselves!  


Just select Camp+Happy Hour and your child will have access to Happy Hour every day during school break camp.  


If camp has already started, just sign up for Happy Hour Only and your child can stay for Happy Hour for the remainder of school break camp.  


About SpringSpot Camps


At SpringSpot, we make learning fun and discover your child's interests to make their experience personalized.  With thousands of hours of experience engaging students online, our amazing teachers are skilled at bringing out the best in each camper.  Your child will feel part of a tight-knit community, even virtually.  Campers regularly join camp early because they can't wait to start.  With a dynamic and interactive curriculum, camp won't be like any school zoom session they've ever had.  Your kids will love our camp!


With SpringSpot Kids Camps, your child gets the opportunity to move their body, enrich their mind and nourish their soul.  Led by a warm and engaging instructor, your child will delight in interacting with other campers, asking questions, and learning.  Plus have a lot of fun!  With our Kids Camp and Camp Box, your child will be proud of the creations they make, prompt interesting discussions with family and appreciate the consistency and welcoming nature of our camps.  


Benefits of our SpringSpot Kids Camps:

  • Socialization - An inclusive place for your kids to make authentic connections

  • Spark curiosity - Let your kids to be curious and choose topics that interest them 

  • Build Independence - Build your kid(s) capacity as independent learners

  • Physical Wellbeing- Help your child build strength, stamina and get energy out!

  • Mental Wellbeing - Help your child calm their mind and develop socially and emotionally

  • Good Life Habits - Build habits and routines that help at home and in school

  • Delayed gratification - Kids can earn up to 20 Bolts per camp session to redeem for a prize in our SpringSpot Kids Zone.





Spring Break Camp (6+ year olds)

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  • Since this is a special camp, cancellations will only be accepted atleast 30 days prior to the first day of this School Break Camp.  If you cancel less than 30 days before the first day of camp, no refunds will be given. 

  • New school year camp families must submit a completed family registration here:  Registration is valid for the full school year. Summer Camp registration is separate.


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