Wellness Care Packages

Give thanks by showing them you care.

At SpringSpot, we believe in the five key elements to wellbeing:

Be Active, Keep Learning, Connect, Be Aware, and Give.


Show someone you care about their health and wellbeing and send them one of our

highly curated and thoughtfully prepared Kids Care Packages or Adult Care Packages.

Care packages can be enjoyed completely offline and come in a beautifully designed box.

Give the gift of wellbeing to someone you love and care about today!

We also offer Kids Activity Boxes which provide you and your child

a month's worth of activities in one convenient package. 

Each activity comes with an on demand video with a

teacher guiding your child through each activity.  Experience enrichment on your schedule.



Treat yourself.

You're worth it!

You work hard and care for others.

Why not pamper yourself?

Get an Adult Care Package for you

and a Kids Activity Box for your child to keep them busy while you enjoy some "me" time!



Show them you care with some fun