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Kids Emotions Activities

Practice self-awareness and nurture your mental health.  Bring more calm and energy to your life.

Image_Preview Video_Family Flower Garden_SpringSpot.png


Family Flower Garden

30 min  |  6 - 10 yrs  |  90 Bolts

Make a flower showing their strengths and characteristics, unique to who they are.

Image_Preview Video_Superhero Guided Meditation_SpringSpot.jpeg


Superhero Guided Meditation

5 min  |  3 - 12 yrs  |  50 Bolts

Kids can take a moment to find calm and unlock their inner superhero!

Image_Preview Video_Calming Kids Meditation_SpringSpot.jpeg


Calming Kids Meditation

5 min  |  3 - 12 yrs  |  60 Bolts

Slow down and practice being in the moment with this calming and engaging meditation.

Image_Preview Video_Absolutely Incredible Kids Meditation_SpringSpot.jpeg


Absolutely Incredible Kids Meditation

5 min  |  3 - 12 yrs  |  50 Bolts

Get a confidence boost with this uplifting meditation.

Image_Preview Video_Emoji Headband Game_SpringSpot.jpeg


Emoji Headband

45 min  |  6 - 10 yrs  |  115 Bolts

Create an emoji headband, then identify and respond to different scenarios.

Image_Preview_Letter Writing_SpringSpot.jpg


Letter Writing

30 min  |  All ages  |  40 Bolts

Write a letter to a friend or family member that you wish to see more of this year.

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