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Kids Camp Instructor (K -1st Grade)

Job Description

SpringSpot is seeking qualified instructors to develop and teach our series of online, synchronous Fall Camp offerings and additional offerings long term. This instructor will be dynamic, knowledgeable, and thoughtful in building curriculum that helps kids learn more about wellness and have a lot of fun in the process. They will be eager to collaborate with a small team of passionate instructors and excited to engage with kids and their families. 

General Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree (ideally in education or related field)

  • 2+ years of experience in the wellness world (fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, or related fields) 

  • 2+ years of experience teaching or working with preschool aged kids (teacher, camp counselor, after school program work, coaching, etc) 

  • And…

    • Knows how to engage and interact with preschoolers, even in the digital space

    • Is enthusiastic about working with kids, especially preschool children

    • Skilled at classroom management

    • Has excellent, clear communication skills 

    • Is excited to collaborate with a small, customer-focused team 

    • Is creative, flexible, and excited to learn  

    • Is proficient with Zoom and google docs


  • Plan, implement, and iterate on a series of month long “Fall Camps” while working with a team of instructors. 

    • Note: “Fall Camp” synchronous online sessions will take place on weekday afternoons from 4 - 5:30pm PDT. 

  • Establish learning objectives for your classes that are aligned with SpringSpot's mission

  • Meet once a week 1 on 1 outside of teaching to check-in and plan for the week

  • Send weekly recap emails to parents to share updates on camp activities, foster connections, and to build rapport and trust

  • Regularly stay on top of latest developments in your field and practice self-study

  • Seek to continuously improve your classes and the variety to keep classes interesting

  • Have additional passions and can bring something unique to a growing and mission-driven business to help drive the success of the business


Further Job Details

Job Type: Part-Time

Salary: $700 - $900 per month depending on experience

Education: College degree or higher


  • Creative freedom to deliver SpringSpot programming in an engaging and thoughtful way, and work collaboratively with the curriculum coordinator to iterate and continuously improve the curriculum 

  • Teacher development and opportunities to expand into new areas of teaching after demonstrating success in existing areas

  • Chance to join an exciting startup with big goals to reach and impact the lives of parents and kids everywhere 

  • Tech-savvy tools and resources

  • Unlimited access to SpringSpot’s On Demand Video content for Adults and Kids while you remain an instructor.

  • Outside of teaching, SpringSpot teachers can take complimentary adult SpringSpot classes. For parents, discounts on kids classes outside of teaching times.


Hours per week 

  • 12-15 hours per week

Company Description

SpringSpot is a family wellbeing company, whose mission is to empower families to improve their health and wellbeing while promoting physical literacy and mental health for their kids. With SpringSpot, parents no longer have to choose between taking care of their kids *or* taking care of themselves. 

SpringSpot operates on a set of guiding principles that underscore all the work that we do. Through our products and programming:

  • We foster connection: We foster family connections that are more fun and less stressful.  We reduce the friction when your family is together and make time together more pleasant.

  • We simplify your life: We make it easy for families to choose what to do and help them know why to do it. 


  • We make healthy activities more fun: We make it enjoyable to be healthy and to engage in healthy activities.  


  • We personalize for you: We add personal touches to make you feel special before, during, and after SpringSpot programming.

  • We make it accessible: Each activity is accessible for a variety of adults or kids 

  • We make it educative: Parents and children alike learn more about elements of wellbeing through taking our classes and courses. 

Currently, SpringSpot is establishing itself as a leader in the field of family wellbeing because of its intentional response to the COVID-19 health crisis. As a company, it is evolving its line of products and offerings in order to better meet families where they are and support their wellness even in uncertain times. 

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