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Come Dance or Bootcamp


Fitness for Parents, Fun for the Kids. ​

Saturday, June 22, 2019

2600 Ralston Ave, Hillsborough, CA 

9:00am Zumba  |  10:10am Bodyweight Bootcamp

Kids class with different teacher at same time.

Class duration: 55 minutes

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Step 2: Choose Classes

Select classes for yourself and your kids with our amazing teachers.  There will always be a corresponding kids enrichment class a the same time as your group fitness class.  

Step 2: Choose Classes


Select classes for yourself and for your kids with our amazing teachers.  Each family session has adult and kids classes at the same time.  

You must also agree  

to the Terms before purchasing classes.

Step 3: Get Ready


Prior to your session, you'll receive an email 

with key information. 

We suggest arriving

 15 minutes early to get your kids acclimated.


Expect a 1-2 minute walk between your and your kids class.  Have a great session!


A group of young people do yoga in the P

Yoga in the Park

Sunday, July 28 @ 10am


Coyote Point in Pergola - San Mateo


$12/adult and $12/child until 7/22

by SpringSpot







(415) 987-4536

55 E. 3rd Ave, San Mateo CA 94401


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Creating Calm

Creating Calm is a 55 minute class where kids learn skills and techniques to help self-regulate their emotions so they can learn to create calm throughout their day...We'll explore our breath, movement and teamwork building to show kids the benefits of being in the moment...Learn More


Yoga Power

Yoga Power blends yoga and fitness together. Students will move breath to movement as well as work towards a focus posture like an arm balance or inversion. Includes a core workout and targeted strength and conditioning.  Set to upbeat music, you'll work your body and mind...Learn More