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Our Story


Our first outdoor SpringSpot session with my youngest.

Early Days


As a mom of two at the time, SpringSpot first started out with in person wellness classes held out in the beautiful outdoors.  We offered Yoga for the kids while parents had their own Yoga class outdoors.  We were shaded underneath the eucalyptus trees with the birds singing and the wind gently blowing as our soundtrack. 


When winter came, we shifted our adult and kids classes indoors at a studio in downtown San Mateo.  As more families started experiencing the SpringSpot family session - kids kept coming back for our engaging kids yoga class and parents enjoyed the guilt-free workout they got in a different room at the same time.  We started getting testimonials like “SpringSpot is the best parent & child exercise experience I've ever had.”  We started growing and getting new families through word of mouth.  

Then Covid-19 struck and Shelter-In-Place orders forced us to

stop all our in-person classes.  

Our team acted quickly and what happened over the following months was nothing short of herculean and a testament to the versatility, dedication, and resilience of our team.  We quickly switched gears and through the right mix of creativity, collaboration and hard work we moved everything online.  

Just two weeks after SIP was mandated, we offered our first online class, Yoga Play and then our first on demand kids yoga video.  We continued to create more content, then offered online monthly wellness camps for kids.

Fast Forward to Today 

Once kids started going back in person to school and the world began to open up more, we saw the opportunity to take the thousands (1,000+) student hours we taught and the unique expertise we gained from teaching online to developing our KIds Wellness   

We’re just getting started in this new world and look forward to helping you and your family feel your best, both physically and mentally.  


Come join us and feel empowered to live a healthy and well life!

To your health, 


Founder, SpringSpot


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