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Start healthy habits that are fun, not a chore.

SpringSpot offers ready-to-go enriching activities that will improve the health and wellbeing of each member of your family.

Womens Softball
Basketball Match
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Explore activities by category

Curated, evidence-based enrichment activity based on our SpringSpot Pillars of Holistic Health.


Kid Activities

Raise healthy and whole kids

Family Activities

Build stronger family connections

Adult Activities

Nourish your body and your mind

How it works


1. Find what you need
Take our free quiz to get a personalized recommendation for which activities to start with. You can also browse by category based on your needs.


2. Get Started
Each activity is ready-to-go and includes easy to follow instructions and many include all the materials you need too.  We’ve done the planning, so you can focus on the doing.


3. Learn & Grow
Use what you learn in each activity to improve your wellbeing in everyday life. Every activity is designed with skills and benefits that create real-life, life-long impact.  Then try your next activity!

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Six Pillars of
Holistic Health

SpringSpot offers activities that build off each other that you and your kids can do at-home or on-the-go. They are designed with a holistic approach to health. We call it FRAMES.

Activities each member of the family will benefit from

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Food & Earth

Healthy Plate

Learn what goes into a healthy plate and how foods help us in our daily live.

15 min

6-12 yrs

Level I

Image_Preview_Car Ride Fun_SpringSpot.jpg

Social Connections

Car Ride Fun

Question prompts and a handful of clever riddle that you can try your kids in the car.

15 min

3-12 yrs

Level I

Image_Preview Video_Power Up! Card Game_Yoga Edition_SpringSpot.jpeg

Movement & Exercisee

Power Up! Card Game: Yoga Edition

A fun game involving yoga, animals, friendly competition, and strategy!

30 min

6-12 yrs

Level I

SpringSpot Guides

"My kids loved the Freestyle Painting activity. They were occupied for over 45 minutes and asked to do the activity multiple times!"

- S.C., Mother


Make Wellness a Part of your Everyday

Want your kids to move more?
Try one of our kids fitness activities to help build physical literacy.

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Health and wellness at your fingertips.
Just tap and

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3-Month Training Plan

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