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SpringSpot for Companies

Wellbeing for Companies

"Everything wellbeing" your employee needs, all in one convenient place.

Extended Family

Why Employee Wellbeing Matters.

A healthy employee creates healthier work places. Employees who thrive means companies thrive. When your employees succeed, companies succeed.


Employees, especially ones raising families, have unprecedented pressures and stresses on their lives now and need help and guidance.  There are many solutions in many places. SpringSpot brings essentially everything essential into one place.  Give them tools that actually make a difference. 

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Reduce Stress

Online Class

Adapt for Hybrid Work

Clapping Audience


Our Solutions

We provide employers with easy to manage memberships for your employees that gives them access to our full suite of health and wellbeing programming.  You help your employees build sustainable mindsets, skills and habits for a healthy life.  Through our unique memberships, employees benefit from family support, curated wellness activities,  and personalized programming to guide them on their wellness journey.

Fitness Team

Fitness & Yoga Classes

Move, sweat and grow stronger with our community.  Our amazing teachers will guide and inspire you.  Try out Cardio+Core, an essential 45 min workout, or Yoga Flow, which focuses on stretching and improving your breath and body awareness.  

Happy Twins

Kids Activities

Learn and build healthy habits and have fun with our collection of curated activities, based on our Six Pillars of Wellbeing.  We provide everything you need to get started.  Feel good that your kids are doing something good for you and for them.

Eyes Closed


Start meditating to train your mind to relax, focus, and be aware.  Choose from a variety of guided meditations to help you get ready to sleep, find calm and peace, feel empowered, or start the day. Great for whether you have 5 minutes or 20!

High Fives


We positively reinforce effort, progress and skill mastery among kids.  Our Bolts Rewards system helps parents and caregivers make practicing healthy habits easier.  Kids can earn Bolts by completing activities and redeem them for exciting rewards. 

Want to learn more?

Find out how you can offer our differentiated and meaningful benefit to your employees to keep them healthier, happier, and more committed to you. 

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