Online Classes

Special Events

In addition to our classes, come join us for special events that bring our community together.  All events are virtual, interactive and you'll be sure to move your body, enrich your mind, and nourish your soul. 


Move, sweat and grow stronger with our community.  Our amazing teachers will guide and inspire you.  Try out Mindful Yoga Online, a gentle yoga class that focuses on stretching and improving your breath and body awareness.  Or HIIT Body Online, a 45 min high intensity interval training class, that will get your heart rate up, build lean muscle and improve your stamina. 



Get your kids moving, learning and having fun with our Online Kids Classes and Events.  Our highly trained and qualified teachers engage your kids.  Also check out our multi-day Kids Wellness Camps.

*NEW* Private Kids Birthday Parties


Role model an active life with your kids.  Create healthy habits that last a lifetime. 

A family that works out together thrives together. Try our 30 min Family Yoga Online class where you move, stretch and have fun together as a family.