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What is Boost Camp?

SpringSpot's Boost Camp is an in-person training session with your team at your facility. Led by professional coaches, each athlete will improve their overall strength and conditioning, prevent injuries, better mindset and improve performance.

What's Included

✓  30, 45, or 60 minute in-person training sessions with your team at your facility

✓  Run by professional health and wellness coaches

✓  Injury-prevention exercises included


✓  ​Athletes will learn routines for proper stretching, warmup and form for exercises


✓  Includes F.R.A.M.E.S. content including nutrition and mental agility

✓  Athletes gain access to SpringSpot premium content on mobile, tablet and PC


✓  Ad-free experience in-app


✓  Coach can assign athletes activities in-app that supplement live sessions


✓  Kids earn bolts for completing activities


✓  Athletes can access premium content during entire duration of Boost Camp for their team

Basketball Match
Swimming Race
Womens Softball
Sliding into Base

Leveling Up Athletes

Athletes that play sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball and tennis will build strength and endurance, improve balance and mobility, better mindset, and develop healthy habits that will benefit them for life.  Your athletes will learn to take ownership of their own fitness and get ready to level up their game!

The SpringSpot Approach

SpringSpot's holistic approach to health is called F.R.A.M.E.S. and is the foundation for all our activities and programs. With comprehensive expertise and experience working with coaches, kids and families on health and wellbeing, SpringSpot's Boost Camp gives your athlete an edge that will not only unlock their potential in their sport, but in life.

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Expertise You Can Trust

SpringSpot's programming is built on the foundation of knowledge and expertise in personal training, sports nutrition, yoga, college athletics, child development, and more. With SpringSpot's Boost Camp, your team can benefit from the over 50 years of expertise in these fields.

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Progress for Life

With the SpringSpot app, athletes can continue accessing the same quality programming they had at camp. They can continue building on the progress they made at camp, now at home and at your practices.  With different types of content, and variety of difficulty levels that grows with their progress, your athletes will learn to take ownership of their own fitness and level up their game for life.

Get in touch to learn how
SpringSpot can benefit your team

Basketball Match
Womens Softball
Sliding into Base

We are a coach’s best friend.  We are your virtual support staff and provide curated, holistically-designed training plans that supplement practice. 

Swimming Race
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